Magnetic Current and Coral Castle

Hello my name is Amunhotep El Bey, a book lover and a lover of the finer things of life. You guys know me by now, so there is no need for an introduction. If anyone wants to know more about me just Goggle Amunhotep and Goggle will guess the rest of my name, lol! Anyway, today I will discuss an amazing ebook that I just read, “Magnetic Current and Coral Castle,” by Edward Leedskalnin. This ebook is full of information concerning the secrets of the Coral castle and how it was built. I will discuss this ebook in greater detail as we read on. Please feel free to comment and/or follow this blog, because there is more great posts to come. Thank you and God bless.

Magnetic Current by Edward Leedskalnin was known as an important engineer who with a fourth grade education wrote major works on his theories of magnetism. ” Magnetic Current” is one of his better known works and is still used widely by classes studying magnets, magnetic currents and magnetic poles. This work is still used widely today in science classes, engineering students and by individuals learning scientific trades. English was not Leedskalnin’s native tongue, and that does show in this book. Leedskalnin was somewhat secretive, claiming to know how the pyramids were built and also to know the secrets of anti-gravity. He proved the latter, by building Coral Castle near Homestead, Florida by lifting numerous large blocks (up to 30 tons) without modern machinery. Despite his lack of flare and articulate speech, Edward Leedskalnin definitely had an immense understanding of energy and magnetics. Leedskalnin doesn’t reach any conclusions in “Magnetic Current.” However, he does press upon the reader to understand his principles so that you may form a strong foundation and understanding of magnetics and even vibration.

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Magnetic Current and Coral Castle

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